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Step 9: CCNP - Cisco Certified Network Professional

The CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certification is the advanced level certification for network support. To earn this certification you must take four exams: Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI 640-901), Switching (SWTCH 640-604), Remote Access (RMTAC 640-605), and Support (SUPRT 640-606). In addition, you must hold a current CCNA certification.

The best deal for study material is a four book study kit to cover all the exams. The Sybex "CCNP Study Guide Kit" has been updated to cover the current generation of exams. Watch out, some kits out there are still for the 50x series of exams and may not cover all the topics you need to pass. For a quick review, you can also get the "Cisco Certified Network Professional Exam Notes". To get some hands on experience without having to buy several pieces of Cisco hardware, you may also wish to invest in the "CCNP Virtual Lab E-Trainer".

If you wish to stick with Cisco Press study materials, they have two offerings designed to compliment each other. These are the "Cisco CCNP Certification Library" and the "Cisco CCNP Preparation Library".

For more information and self study materials, take a look at the Self Study Certs CCNP certification page.

Study Material Costs
CCNP Study Guide Kit (2nd ed)
Item Amount
CCNP Study Guide Kit112
Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks Exam125
Cisco Switching Exam125
Cisco Remote Access Exam125
Cisco Support Exam125
Step 1-8 Cost2168
Step 1-9 Total:$2780
Supplements Tests
[cover] [cover]
CCNP: Cisco Certified Network Professional Exam Notes
CCNP Virtual Lab E-Trainer
Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks Exam (BSCI 640-901)
Switching Exam (SWTCH 640-604)
Remote Access Exam (RMTAC 640-605)
Support Exam (SUPRT 640-606)
Alternatives Resources
[cover] [cover]
Cisco CCNP Certification Library (4 Book Box Set)
Cisco CCNP Preparation Library (2nd Edition)
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