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Step 3: MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional

With CompTIA out of the way you are ready to move on to some vendor specific certifications. Because they are so well known, the Microsoft certifications are the place that most people start. First up is MCP or "Microsoft Certified Professional". An MCP is earned by taking any current Microsoft exam.

If you plan to stop taking Micosoft exams after earning an MCP, then it doesn't matter which exam you take. If you plan on continuing on to earn a MCSA or MCSE, then you should start with the Windows 2000 Professional exam being that it is required for both certifications.

If taking the Windows 2000 Professional exam there is a choice to be made for your study material. If you will continue all the way to MCSE, then you can save money by buying a set of study guides which cover to full core four exam set.

The "MCSE: Windows 2000 Core Requirements" from Sybex provides study manuals for the core tests along with exam notes to review just before testing. Although a hefty purchase up front, it will defray costs down the road.

If MCSE is not in your future, even if you are going for MCSA or MCDBA, then you are better to only buy the Windows 2000 Professional study guide. With this book, the exam notes are available as a separate product

Finally, if you do not have access to a hand on environment, the Core Requirements Virtual Lab may help prepare you for the exams.

For more information and self study materials, take a look at the Self Study Certs MCP certification page.

Study Material Costs
MCSE: Windows 2000 Core Requirements (2nd Edition)
Item Amount
MCSE: Windows 2000 Core Requirements (2nd Edition)112
Windows 2000 Professional Exam125
Step 1-2 Cost554
Step 1-3 Total:$791
Supplements Tests
MCSE: Windows 2000 Core Requirements Virtual Lab
Windows 2000 Professional - Installing, Configuring, and Administering (70-210)
Alternatives Resources
[cover] [cover]
MCSA/MCSE: Windows 2000 Professional Study Guide (2nd Ed)
MCSE: Windows 2000 Professional Exam Notes Exam 70-210
[cover] [cover]
MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit: Microsoft Windows 2000 Core Requirements (2nd ed)
Mike Meyers' MCSE Windows 2000 Core Exams Certification Passport Boxed Set
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