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Featured Items by Sybex

I'm a big proponent of Sybex materials. They provide a clean presentation which is consistent across several certification programs. For some, the material may be dry as compared to Mike Myers or the "For Dummies" series, but others tend to like their study material without the filter. Presented below are some of the Sybex study materials for five of the best known certification programs.


The CompTIA A+ certification is an entry level certification which many companies look for when hiring computer support people. It requires passing two exams.

A+ Complete Study Guide, Deluxe Edition

Prepare for the A+ Core Hardware (a href="/test/comptia/220-221.html">220-221) and Operating System Technologies (a href="/test/comptia/220-222.html">220-222) exams.


The Microsoft MCSA (MIcrosoft Certified Systems Administrator) certification is a mid-level certification. It requires passing four exams. It is a good stop along the way to earning your MCSE.

MCSA: Windows 2000 Certification Kit

All four exams for MCSA (70-210, 70-215, 70-216, and 70-218) in one bundle.


The Microsoft MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) is a high-level certification. It requires passing seven exams.

MCSE: Windows 2000 Core Requirements (2nd Edition)

All four core exams for MCSE (70-210, 70-215, 70-216, and 70-217) in one bundle.


The Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification is an advanced level certification for network infrastructure support. It requires passing one exam.

CCNA Certification Kit (2nd Edition)

Study guide and enhanced software simulator for the CCNA exam (640-607).
CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide (Deluxe 2nd Edition)

Study guide and basic software simulator for the CCNA exam (640-607).


The Cisco CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certification is an advanced level certification for network infrastructure support. It requires passing four exams and holding a CCNA.

CCNP Study Guide Kit (2nd Edition)

Study guides for the four CCNP exams (640-901, 640-604, 640-605, and 640-606).


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